The Admiralteisky is the area just west of the City Center. At its center is the famous golden-yellow Admiralteistvo, or Admiralty building. This neighborhood is also home to Decembrists' Square, the site where roughly 3,000 army officers revolted on December 14, 1825. The Bronze Horseman, one of the city's most famous monuments, is located in the middle of the square—it's dedicated to Peter the Great.


St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The grandly proportioned St. Isaac's is the world's third-largest domed cathedral and the first monument you see of the city…

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Senatskaya Square

One of St. Petersburg's best-known landmarks, a gigantic equestrian statue of Peter the Great, dominates this square that from 1925…

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St. Isaac’s Square

In the center of this square in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral stands the Nicholas Statue. Unveiled in 1859, the…

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